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What is the cutoff in poker

what is the cutoff in poker

There are so many terms that you need to know about in poker. One of these terms is cutoff. What is the cutoff in poker and is this a good place to be? Before you can understand why this is an important term, you need to understand everything about it. This is a full guide about the cutoff in poker, and why you always want to consider this when playing poker. 

Explaining what the cutoff in poker is

It is actually easy to understand what the cutoff in poker is. This is the person who is sitting immediately right from the dealer. When playing poker, this is the player that is playing last in each round. For sure this is the one position every poker player wants to have. 

Because the cutoff player is the last player to act, meaning that if everyone folds, you will be the last survivor. You don’t need to have any good cards to win. You just need to continue playing, and you will be the winner of the round. 

Why the cutoff position is important

Normally when everyone is getting ready to play poker, the first seat that is filled in for the cutoff player. This is because, with this seat, you will have the best chance of winning. The last seat that will be filled is the UTG player. The cutoff position is the last player of each round. You don’t even need to have an experienced strategy in order to play at the cutoff position. 

The great thing about this position is that you can make more believable bluffs. Pretending that you have a good hand and that you are most likely to win. They will fold because they are afraid of losing money. At the end of the day, you might not even have a good hand, but you will be most likely to win if you bluff correctly. 

Betting from the cutoff

This might be the only important thing to know when you are sitting at the cutoff position. This is how to bet from the cutoff to benefit the most. The benefit here is that you will see who is betting what. And, according to their bets, you can see how much you can bet without losing the least amount of money. 

This is also the one time when you need to be strategic correctly in order to bluff believably. If you suddenly bet the minimum, they might think that you don’t have a good hand. However, when you are betting high, they might think that you will have a good hand. And, this is how you can change the betting and the payout so that you can win the maximum amount of money. 


If you are looking for the best seat at the poker table, then you need to go for the cutoff position as fast as you can. This is the position that most people prefer. Because you are the last person to play, you will be the last one to decide to play, to increase your bet, or to fold. We have answered your question about what is the cutoff in poker, and for sure this is the position immediately to the right of the dealer.