alertmidsouth.orgpoker How many cards are there in a standard poker deck?

How many cards are there in a standard poker deck?

how many cards are there in a standard poker deck

For first-time poker players. How many cards are there in a standard poker deck? And, what is the normal number of cards in a deck? You might answer the question immediately, or you might not really know the answer at all. This article is for those who didn’t know the answer and would like general information about cards and poker cards. 

The number of cards that you will find in a standard poker deck

You might already know that there are 52 cards in a standard poker deck. In other card decks, there are 54 cards, which include the two jokers as well. In poker the jokers aren’t used, making the total just 52 cards.

There are four suits: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, and in each suit, you will find 13 cards from Ace to King. There are also no duplicates in the deck of cards. The four suits are divided into two colours; red and black. 

History about cards

Now that you know the number of cards you will find in a poker deck, you might wonder who invented cards and some other interesting card history about playing card decks.  The truth is that it isn’t clear who came up with the very first card deck, who decided that there should be four suits, and that ace is actually the number 1 card. The first mention of card games was during the Tang Dynasty. And, they played the Chinese elite during this time. However, the rules of this card game were lost. 

The first mention of the cards that are similar to our card deck and card games was in China. This was during the 15th century. There it was mentioned that they played with 38 cards, but also have four suits. During the Middle Ages Arabia start playing with the cards, we know now. The only difference is that they played with 48 cards, with 12 cards in each suit. As mentioned, we are now playing with 13 cards in each suit. 

Some special card names you should know

Have you heard about the death card, the beer card, and the curse of Scotland? These are all special card names given to a specific card. And, there is normally a specific reason for this name. We are giving you a couple of these names and their meanings.

  • The death cards. This is the Ace of spades. The highest-ranking card in a deck. You will always find the Ace of spades first when you open a deck of cards. 
  • The beer cards. This is the seven of diamonds. In the earlier days in Denmark, they played a trick game. If you have seven diamonds, you need to buy a round of beer for the entire group. 


In a normal card deck, you will find 54 cards, while in a poker card deck, you will find 52 cards. This is because in poker you don’t play with the jokers. This is all the information that you might want to know about how many cards there are in a poker deck. However, we gave some other interesting information as well. To give you some interesting card facts as well.